Position by Category during race

What i’m missing during races is that you don’t see your position by category… ex: if you racing B-cat you only see your scratch position, only at the end of the race you know your position by category…

Agreed. Ideally we start only with our group to make it easy to track where we stand AND have our position by category posted.

I don’t mind riding together with the other categories, it can only boost out results but find it irritating that you don’t know your category position during the race. Zwift please, easy fix

Actually, there is a way to see your position by category, albeit not 100% real time. But it certainly helps.

Go to zwiftpower dot com. Look for your race in the events list. Click it. Then click ‘LIVE’ and it will show you a list of live results for that race. You can sort the list or filter it for A B C etc.

You’re welcome.