In-race leaderboard - category specific?

I’m relatively new to Zwift (March 2020) but it’s pretty annoying that I in race don’t know what my position is in my specific category B. Maybe the feature exists, and then I’m just a rookie who would like to know how :slight_smile:

I’ll use a race consisting of 100 contestants(25 in each category) as example.

It’s fine that I know that I’m 23/100, but what I’m interested in is knowing how I’m faring against my own group, so I know if I have to chase that group up front or not. I know that I can scroll the leaderboard in-game, but honestly I don’t have the mental or physical requirements to do so during a race :slight_smile:

Don’t know if this is the right place to communicate this suggestion, but it would be nice if an update could help this small matter. The leaderboard could show both the general position in the race eg. 23/100 and just for the category eg. 2/25.

hi @Joachim_Vrads9502, some races hide all the other categories so you only see those you are racing against, some races have mass starts with everyone together. This is dependent on how the race organizer sets it up, so it is an option that they either choose or don’t.

I think at the end of all races, on the Zwift leaderboard, they tel you how you did in your own category, but this is after the fact. It is very difficult to tell who is in your category during a mass start event, not to mention the sandbaggers that are in the wrong category in the first place. The riders nearby list on the screen should help, the cat letter should be next to everyone’s name so you can see slightly ahead of the group you are with who is in what category.

Another option is using and if their live feed is enabled for your race, you should be able to track your category to see where you are. But that requires multiple screens or multiple devices, so also not the best option.

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Thx for your reply.

Correct that both Zwift Leaderboard after the race show what I’m suggesting, but I need it live during the race. It shouldn’t be to hard to put in the game.

As you say some races are solely category and some are mass starts. I don’t mind seeing A-, C-, D- og E-riders in “my” race, as they can use me and I can use them for enhanced performance w/kg-wise. But it would be appreciated if I knew that the group I was in could secure me a podium or not. Zwift should be able to put this in an update pretty easy (if they deem it a good idea), but I don’t know if the right people is reading these forum suggestions?

ZwiftPower live is a good “backup”/solution. I hadn’t thought of that, but that requires another device as you say. But as far as I know ZwiftPower and Zwift are two sites operating separately. Maybe it would require a collaboration of Zwift and ZwiftPower?

Riders should have circles next to their names with the color and letter of their category. Additionally on the companion app map you’ll see riders represented with circles colored with the appropriate color for their category.

They do. But I still don’t know if I’m number 2, 5 or 15 in a race in my category looking at that.

Zwift has it already. But they just show the overall contestants in most races eg. 23/100 to the right on the screen. It should be able to show both that AND for my category only.

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Ah! That’s a good point.

As a newbie racer in Zwift I find this rather confusing and not very helpful to see you’re 101th of 500 in your race with mass start for all categories, but not able to see your place in your categorie (mine is C, so I was in the top 5, but had not way of knowing this).

Will this change in Zwift? and for now: will Zwift Power show this live?