Groups in leaderboard

There must be a better way of tracking your position in a race. 

There are a few problems with this at the moment. 

Firstly the world is so busy during a race that quite often a group of 4 of us will ride through another group ride, it gets so hectic on screen that I can’t tell that one of the lads in our group has made a break for it. 

The bar on the right performs particularly badly when there is a group of 3-4 of you and it just says +00 seconds, but the positions of the 4 of us can change so regularly it’s very hard to read while on a bike cos the names are swapping every couple of seconds. (could a clear group be banded or have some formula so the bar on the right is a bit more steady)

I’d also like to see position within my category as well as position overall in race.

Same problem on yesterdays WBR-Race -> racing with all Zwifters online.

I dont know why Zwift changed this… normally you only saw the Race Riders - all other Zwifters were gone.

Racing in the bunch with all other Online-Zwifters makes no sense.

Zwift - Change this BUG!! cheers