In-race results by group?

New user here–I just finished my first race and was wondering if there was a way to screen out racers that are not in your group. For example, if you are racing in group D, is there a way so that you see your relative place within that group (rather than vs. all racers), or to see the relative positions of others in group D only?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to Zwift.

You can use to do all that and more. All race results are tracked and sorted by the Zwiftpower group.

It is easy and free to join.

Thanks for the response! I have joined zwiftpower, and see that you can break down the results by group after the race. What I was wondering is if you can do something like that during the race within the zwift app itself.

For example, as you race, you see your position as a function of everyone in the race (e.g., 130th out of 180 riders), and you see a list of the people around you. Is there a setting you can change so that you can see your position as a function of only those in your group (e.g., 10th out of 20 group D riders), and see a list of only those in the group you are racing in, with their position on the map?

Hi John,

If the race is split in different cat’s (ie staggered start’s) then it will only show your position in your cat, i think you were in a race with a bunch start (ie all cats together)

What race did you do?

I completed the Zwift Academy Race: Circuit (Sept 16, 11am).

How can I find out whether a race is a “bunch start” race vs. a “staggered start” race?

Also, in the future, does Zwift plan on introducing a feature like the one I mentioned for all races? For beginners like me, it might be more motivating to narrow the focus to others we can actually compete with (vs. the higher level riders who are absolutely destroying us).

Thanks again for your help!

If you have Zwiftpower open during the event, you can go to the ‘live’ tab.

This will show a better detail on who is doing what in the events.

Also has the advantage of filtering out all the riders who are not registered and therefore will not feature in the results. This means you don’t waste energy trying to drop, or outsprint riders that won’t be in the final results.

That’s a really strange workaround but I’m going to try this in the next race