What's my position vs group? V2

It’s been several weeks since I last used zeift. As I’ve mentioned before, the only reason I joined zwift was because I could race against other riders. And to be honest, I thought that this meant that I could compete against other riders in my group (“D”)., but zwift still hasn’t implemented this and the motivation just isn’t there.

Today I left work early and decided to give zwift another chance. I joined the “3R LaGuardia Loop Flat Race” race and then went to zwiftpower.com since it’s the only way to see how I stand against other “D” riders.

For some reason zwiftpower only shows three riders (me included), while the actual zwift race is showing at least 10 “D” participants.

I guess my question is: why are there only three “D” racers in zwiftpower when there are clearly more than 10 “D” riders in that race?

Other times I go to zwiftpower and I’m the only one in the list.

Am I missing something?

ZwiftPower only lists those that have ‘opted-in’ through their zwift profile.

I didn’t know that. Since I never “opted-in”, then this means that my name is displayed by default.

Does that mean that all other riders opted-out?

Zwiftpower is a third party site and you need to register there and link the account to your Zwift account. It just means the other people didn’t register there.

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No, no one is shown by default due to GDPR. If you go to https://my.zwift.com/profile/connections you can see whether you’ve opted in to sharing data with Zwift Power or not:

You probably opted in and forgot you’ve done it. If you check and that connection isn’t made you should report it as a bug because it absolutely shouldn’t be the case.

No. It means they never linked their accounts to Zwift Power and opted in on the my.zwift.com website.

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