Where'd Everybody Go?

I’m having fun doing the TDZ rides where I set goals for myself like “finish above 150/300”, but when I’m looking at Zwift Power I’d guess only about 1/3 of the group are listed? Do people have to register with Zwift Power before they will appear in the standings? I started to register but never finished it as I couldn’t be bothered with the adding a number to my Zwift game name process, yet I show in the listings?

That’s quite normal, not everybody uses ZP.

Think of it to your advantage…instead of being 150/300 you could be 50/100.

you don’t have to keep the number after ur name, its only for the registration process, once that’s all finished u can safely remove it.

I noticed that during the 5th stage on Sunday, the position listed during the ride somehow seemed to take into account riders in other categories (even though they were racing on a different course), due to a bug. Ie, the total number of riders was listed as 3000, the combined participants over all categories (https://www.zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=1588250 of which 2000 ended up in the ranking).

My position was jumping around as other racers riding on different courses “overtook” me. I finished first in the C cat (and zwiftpower listed me as such), but the counter in-game listed me as 100th-something. I’m guessing that is what caused it (that being said, indeed, not everyone uses zwiftpower, but on the other hand, also non-registered riders end up in the ranking (sometimes, somehow))