Do all Racers Show up on Zwift Power listings for a race?

Hi there,

Yesterday I was in the STAGE 1: RACE MAKURI— Castle to Castle( the zid is 3202702 ) I’m listed as dead last although when I finished there were at least 4 or 5 people behind me including one that was like 30 seconds behind and another about 1 or 2 minutes. I don’t understand why it would she me as last and where the others disappeared to. Do some people not show up? Even if I go under unfiltered it still shows me last. What am I missing?

Signing up to ZwiftPower is not compulsory. Zwift say it’s something to do with Privacy. With CE categorisation in effect for that race, the most complete race result is in your Companion App activity. In ZP, for eg, you finished 21st. In Companion App, you finished 40th, so plenty of riders not on ZP.

FYI, you can also check the Live tab for people that have data issues which means they dont have a full fit file so cant be included in Results. They get list in at the end of that Live list.

Oh that makes more sense now. Didn’t know I could see it in the companion app after the fact. Thanks for letting me know!

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