No actual ZP account why?

My zwiftpower account don’t show the actual done races. There are missing two races ? why ? I can log in with no probs. Has anyone an advice why it is so ? thx in advance.

The account is verified. Everything is ok. It seems to sinceca few days.

What are the event ID’s of races you did that you cant see your results? I see you just completed an event a few hours ago and that is showing fine.

Your activities in Companion app are private so I am guessing that maybe you had data issues of some description.

Thx for your reply. I think I found the fault. There was at the account zwiftdata drop_out activated. Don’t know really why and how. I changed it do zwiftdata drop _in. I think now it works as normal bacause as you mentionend the race from yesterday is shown on ZP.

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