Not showing in results

Completed a race earlier but im not showing in the results be it zwift or zwift power yet it shows up in my events but again it doesnt include me in the results ??
Very strange as it gives me a time but doesnt list me amongst the riders ?

Did you get DQ’d? Look in the unfiltered tab.

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You’re in ZP’s Live tab (in non-finishers/incomplete section) meaning ZP didnt receive your full data stream from the Zwift matrix. As your activity list shows your event but hasnt got you listed, I’d say you had a bit of network glitch that self-corrected during the race.

Guess that makes sense …thanks for the replys

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Hi Andy, I took a peek at your account and it looks like our servers did lose connection with your device for about a minute right before you crossed the finish line. Since the results are compiled using live data it looks like the data stream wasn’t reconnected yet when you crossed the finish so it the results tables weren’t able to capture your finish time.

Yet it shows on my events that i did the miles .ive experienced signal drop out in the past but at no time did my avatar stop for this event and i crossed the line then saved the event