I am not showing up in results and ZP

For most of my recent rides, after crossing the finish line, I am not within the UI race result list. I was visible in ZP Events>History for some time, later on I am not listed anymore. The event doesn‘t appear in ZP for me. Same happened 3,4 times. Zwift / Companion are latest versions.
I wrote 2 mails to support but did not get a specif answer yet.

Are you saving them as private rides?

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I don‘t even know how to do this, but let me verify after my next event. But it allready starts with not showing my name in the after race results. It takes a complete minute to calculate the results, that looks strange. Don‘t habe any latency or internet network issues during my rides. I can see all my activities in that ZP tab, but within the event my name is not present.

You’re not in the Filtered part of the ZP results, are you?

No 🥲, that was my first guess as well. I was completely removed.
Before the event I joined and was listed in ZP. Right after the event I could see me as well. Finally dissappeared. Cant see this event (now11h ago) in my ZP activity tab within my profile. But its in the conpanion activity (again without my name in resulsts)

sounds like it’s more a zwift than zp issue. If zwift has not registered you as completing the race it won’t be pushed to zp.

Which races was it. There were a number of AWS issues last night that could of effected if around the same time. Or possible an internet drop out as you finished the race, could you see all riders throughout the race?