Entered event which has recorded but my name doesn’t appear in zwift companion results list or on zwift power results

Just done my first event, which also happens to be my first zwift activity :joy: Bad idea :joy:

Anyways it recorded the activity and it shows my stats on zwift companion but when you click on the events results I don’t appear in the results list. When looking at zwift power it also doesn’t show on there at all.

I linked everything up as I should with the 4 digits behind my name etc, I’m just not seeing my name one the results list. I’m not actually bothered about my result, I don’t actually care at all, but I do need zwift power to pick it up so I can be categorised for WTRL events with my club mates.

Anyone have any ideas or help with this?

The event I entered was 3R LaGuardia Loop Flat Race - 6 Laps (17.5km/10.9 162m) at 21.20 GMT on 01/04/2021.

Thanks for any help

Hi Yassir - bad luck for your first event.

From the description you provided (not appearing in the result on the Companion App), its likely you had a network glitch during the ride. When this happens, Zwiftpower will normally not record a complete ride for you either.

Whats your Zwift rider name in Companion App and Zwiftpower?

Hi my swift name is obese_arab BWCC. I’ve not done any activities before so it was a race to get categorised, gutted if it can’t sync up as I’m not really very fit, need to get another event in before Tuesday

You could drop your log file from that activity into Zwiftalizer.com and see if it identifies any network issues. Suggest that you restart your internet router/modem, and if you are using wifi, check that you aren’t sharing/competing on the same wifi channels with neighbours (d/l a wifi analyser on your phone to help determine). If so, change channels.