Why is my name not listed in Zwiftpower for an event I have joined?

Hi there, brand new to Zwift, I have completed one race activity, prior to connecting with Zwiftpower. I have now connected with Zwiftpower, added my four-digit user number to my Zwift username, etc, but I have joined an event later this evening and my name is not showing up in the list of riders for that event on Zwiftpower. Does anyone know why that would be? Thank you.

How long after you joined the event did you check ZP? It is not immediate (I reckon its between 5-15mins for updates to come through.

Which event?

Hi there, it was the event 3R London Loop Hilly Race at 20:40hrs UK time. I was not in the Zwiftpower race line up and my name is not listed in the results although I can see riders in the results who I was rising closely with. I was using an HRM as specified!

Looks like you entered wrong Cat Jon as you were DQ’ed for Cat B performance :wink:

You appear in the “Unfiltered” view.

Unsure why you arent appearing in the signups though.

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Aha! Thank you for that. I did not realise there was a minimum category specified - I wonder whether that was present before the race, or only now after I have done a race when signed up to Zwiftpower? No matter, I will know next time. I put myself in Cat C for that race as the other Cat C entrants seemed similar to my profile. Anyway, thanks again for checking - hopefully now I have done a race, I will come up in the list of entrants.

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