Zwift Power - My name not showing up on the list

I have tried to enter several races on zwift, but my name is not showing up on the list on zwift power.
I have joined races on zwift, and waited up to 30 minutes, but my name never show up on the event on zwift power. Anyone have any suggestions?
I have logged on to zwift power, and my Zwift ID is verified.

Check the Filtered results. You have probably been DQ’d for some reason.

Do you have all your profiles set to private?

Is this you?

Something must not be right, the last ride showing up is from almost 2 years ago, and only 3 rides total.

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It worked now. Guess I just had to wait a while. I have been off zwift for 2 years, so that is correct Mike, that is me. Just returning to the platform now.

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