Not appearing in event list on Zwiftpower

I’ve used the new WTRL racepass to join a team time trial tomorrow (ZP event ID: 2391404; zone 8 pen A; team CHZ). According to WTRL and Zwift companion I’m registered and going but I’m not on the list for the event in Zwift power (I have been signed up for zwift power since last winter and have done many races as part of this team. I am still part of the team on Zwiftpower and the team is correctly assigned in WTRL. Also I have waited overnight for Zwiftpower to update). This scenario is also true for other CHZ members - but not all?! Some of them are on the list on Zwiftpower. What’s up? I assume I can do the race as I’m listed as going on the companion app but will the result register in Zwiftpower?