ZP not showing today's WTRL Classic Events

I’m logged into ZP and I do not see my WTRL Classics event in my signups and on the main events page the only ones listed are Western Australia and one from Central Europe. (I’m referring to pre-event listings, not post) I emailed WTRL yesterday and Steve suggested the issue is with ZP. This has been an issue for at least 24 hours.

Anyone else encountering this?

Yes and few have mentioned it on this thread
ZWIFT CLASSICS - Rund Am Innsbruck Stage 6 - #46 by Graham_Irvine_London

Thanks, Andy.

The 18:48 C3 is now on ZP as well. Might have been because I entered the event key from the url into the missing event page.

Where does one find the event key, and where is the missing event page on ZP. I’ve looked around and can’t find either.

To enter missing events the link was in my post

The event ID and key are part of the url that you go to when you click join on the wtrl page. Example below is for the 17:33 C3

https:// www.zwift.com/ca/events/view/2242839?eventSecret=a16617f35884396554ca

ID = 2242839
Key = a16617f35884396554ca

Ok thanks. That brought me to a ZP page for the event but no participants are listed. Assuming that I’ve just force-loaded it for the site I’ll wait 15 minutes for a few update cycles to happen to see if it updates with participants.

It took a while to show up on the events page, an hour or so.

And my event is already populated! Thanks again for the tips.

Have a good race.

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