Missing Activity/Race [March 22, 2024]

Yesterday (March 21) I did stage 18 of the FRR World Tour and the race is not showing up on my Zwift power profile. Is there something I can try or a contact I can use to get in posted? It shows up on Zwift, Strava and Training Peaks. TIA.

Check the Live tab for the event and see if it shows you there. FRR race control seems to be pretty accommodating of glitches.

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Hi @Jason_Cook3, I hope your week is going well. Welcome to Forum. It’s Juan from Zwift. I understand how this might be surprising for you. Thanks for pointing out that you do not see your result on your ZP profile.

I took the initiative to take a look at your ZP profile and noticed that your result for participating on FRR World Tour - Triquetra Stage 18 is already there.

We’re sorry about the delay. Every once in a while, your race/activity won’t upload to ZwiftPower. If an event is not showing up on your profile, please allow up to 24 hours.

I hope this information has been useful. If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know. You are always more than welcome.

Thanks Juan. I noticed earlier today that it did show up. Thanks for taking the time to look into it and let me know. Much appreciated!:+1: