Missing Event: Team Italy & Frenchy Fuzion League at 10:55am PT on 2021-01-19

I’ve tried searching Zwiftpower for results every which way but this event seems to have disappeared from Zwiftpower and is not posting to my profile either. Any idea why that would happen?

Checked a few of your fellow racers ZP profiles - same for them too.

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I’ve ride this event as well and I can’t find anywhere. Is this because of the kind of the event or it will appear sometime?

The same event at 18.55 GMT has also disappeared.

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Same problem here. The results appears on the companion app but not on ZP

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The 3R Volcano Circuit Flat Race at 7:05 GMT today (20/1/20) is also missing from Zwiftpower (it doesn’t appear when you filter results or in riders’ profiles). It’s very bizarre… it’s like it never existed! Thanks!

I plugged the event ID (1536891) in manually to the URL and got an error message that it does not exist. I’m following up with our team to see what might have been the cause and what the fix in the future will be. Stay tuned!

Update: I’ve added the event back in. You can find it here: https://zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=1536891

We will add the second and third missing events as well.

Thanks for fixing it!