TDZ 2021 Stage 5 missing in ZP

In ZP my race from TDZ stage 5 is missing. On the activities tab there I have the race registred,
Wednesday 27 January 2021 18:57 [Zwift - TDZ Stage 5: Longer Ride](https:// www . zwiftpower . com/events.php?zid=1588223). But it doesn’t exists on the main profile page. If I click on the link then an error message shows up, “Could not find Event”. If I visit https:// www . zwiftpower . com/series.php?id=TDZ and click on results and filter on Ride then I can see that the race from 27 Januari 19:00 (UTC+01:00) is missing.

I have the same issue for TDZ Stage 3, 16/01/21 at 11:00 (UTC), event ID: 1505246.
I hope this is just a bug that ZwiftPower resolves soon ;(

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They’re both added now. Thanks for letting us know!


Great, works now! Thx

My TDZ Stage 5 is missing.

Thank you for sorting the missing TdZ stage 3. I though it was not possible as the response I received from Support was that the missing event could not be reinstated.
Thank you again, Andy.

TDZ Stage 5 at 18.00 on 25 Jan is missing on Zwift Power! Where has it gone? It would be nice to have the result.

I see the 18.00 ride but not the 19.00.

I guess we may have a time zone issue? I am talking London (GMT). I can see 17:00 and 19:00 but no 18:00. I have a photo of the finish from the activity in Zwift Companion, but none of the riders shown in the photo are in either the 17:00 or 19:00 results. So I think the 18:00 ride (which I did and is in my Zwift Companion) was additional to these, but is not listed.

I am in Sweden (GMT +1) so that makes sense.

I have finished the TDZ, all stages, but in ZP, my Stage 5 is still missing. It was there after I finished the ride but somehow has gone away. Hope it comes back.

I’m also missing stage 5 longer ride from 25th Jan

I’m also missing TDZ Stage 5: Shorter Ride 25 Jan

any chance this can be fixed?

For anyone that’s missing a TdZ event, please pop the event ID in here (if you can find it) and I’ll get it added when I have the time. If you don’t have it, I’ll make my way back through your replies to find the events and add them to the site.

Update: I think I’ve found the missing ones and have added them into ZP. If you did them you should show in the results.

If you’re not seeing the event on ZP at all, let me know which one and I’ll double check.

Mine (stage5) is also missing from 25th Jan - sorry I can’t find event ID

TdZ stage 5 on 25 January 18:00 CET now there; thanks!

I’m having the same issue with Stage 7 TDZ. I did it February 3. It’s showing up in activities but not under TDZ.

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Hi Chris, this thread is from last year’s TdZ. Sounds like you lost connection to Zwift’s servers, but you’d be better posting in here: Tour de Zwift 2022 FAQ

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