Zwift power lost my TDZ stage 5 ride

Well, it was there in my activities. Now it’s gone. What happened??

Mine is missing, too. I messaged on this forum and have also had no response

If the Zwiftpower team dont see your posts soon, I’d send an email to with your requests and be specific about the event, including timezone so they can identify them. I’d suggest you also provide them reference to your Zwift activity.

Some Zwiftpower events have been disappearing and the Zwiftpower team have been reinstating them when identified.

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Yay ZP! My stage 5 TDZ is back!

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I lost my TDZ stage 3 ride. My phone died and then my husband got in his bike … I see the ride in the logs but I don’t know how to add it to my app.

I really don’t want to ride Stage 3 again. Any help would be appreciated.