TdZ Stage 5 1700EST Missing from EVENTS/RESULTS

TdZ Stage 5 Cycling 1700EST 2022 Jan 24th not showing in ZP Events/Results. 1600EST and 1800EST results have already been posted. Also 1700EST Running has posted.

same here for that ride.

I thought I did something wrong. I also did not see any results from the Tour De Zwift 5pm event.

Same here!

Yep, completely missing.

I’ll see what I can find out.

Managed to find that stage down the side of the sofa.

All results should be there now.

Still no results of TDZ Stage 6, 10 hours, standard race in zwift power

I’m going out on a limb by guessing you mean stage 5?

I see the 6pm events in Zwift Power today (Jan24), no results for the 5pm EST.

What’s up Zwift?

Yes stage 5, standard ride this morning 10 oclock

5pm EST is there.

I’m also going to guess that you mean 10am CET.

That’s also there now.

my ride is there now…

Thank you. I see it now. Not sure why the delay.

It was missing. I had to add it.

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Thanks James

I’m missing my TdZ Stage 5 from January 24th long ride

Hi, my TdZ Stage 5 is missing (has not registration in TdZ event)…


I am missing an activity from zwiftpower:

Zwift Run - TdZ Stage 7: Long Run, February 1, 10:00 AM EST

It’s showing in my activity page but not in my events / results.