3R Volcano Circuit Flat Race missing (14 Jul 2021)

The 3R Volcano Circuit Flat Race results (for 14 Jul 2021) now appear to be missing. I can’t see them under my profile, or any of the riders who also raced.

Anyone know why this might be?

That looked a bit strange. Out of curiosity I hit the “Data incorrect? Request an update” button on that event, waited a bunch of minutes, and the results came through (and DQ’s now processed).

Congrats on your :1st_place_medal:

Thanks!!! I can see the results now.

Out of interest, on what site/screen was this button?

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See below - its far from obvious!

Also, the message I highlighted has about 3 or so different versions depending on the race status, so wording might be slightly different.

Got it - I hadn’t noticed that before.

Thanks again!

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