Event recorded but I'm not in the results list (companion or zwift power)

Hi, I entered this race as cat-B ( Cocorico Racing League (Category enforcement) - Bikes France oct.7/22 legends and lava) but I’m not on the leaderboard. In fact only 25 Bs (unfiltered) are in the results despite almost 70 starting. So where are they all? can this be updated? it is not a network or log file issue as suggested here: 545461/3 . Nor would I expect a network issue for so many others either. So what’s the deal? is it a glitch? can it be fixed? got races coming up and dont want this issue to be repeated.



nr: 1339631

It’s an issue with the course. I asked developers to look at it yesterday but please ask the organisers to use a custom distance (24665m) if they use it in the future.

It isn’t their fault but there is a workaround to prevent this from happening.

cheers! any post-ride solution to get the result into zwift-power? I have made the organisers aware.

Afraid not sadly.

Thanks, I had the same issue this morning on Legends and Lava too (DBRrace at 10am UK time). Is it going to affect WTRL on Tuesday, or have they configured the workaround?

The distance in ZRL tomorrow on Legend and Lava is A CUSTOM DISTANCE, normally all is OK, the end of race is at the end (some meter is adding after the arch of volcano)

For the results on cocorico racing (last friday) : 70% of racer are not finish the race (no time !), not in ZP results, I’m the organiser of this event : I have remove this race from OUR league, als as explain (in french) here : facebook page about our racing league : " QG.RaceLeague.BikesFrance " (the 8 october post)

greats from france