Completed race yet no result

Competed in and completed the KISS Racing Category enforcement cat A race on the Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop this evening at 1700 PDT. Unfortunately I wasn’t included in the results on Zwift or in ZwiftPower. I have all my data and sprinted with the group for a top 10. The activity shows up on Zwift but somehow I didn’t get scored. Is there any way to get put in the results?

Just curious,

You are in the non-finishers section of the Live tab on ZP.

When you dont appear in the results in the Companion App, its a sign that you had a data glitch at your end somewhere. Seems to happen to people now and then. I dont believe the support team can do anything to change the results (in the CA or ZP).

Probably best to treat it as a one-off, but if it reoccurs, people here (including Zwift support team) can provide advice to troubleshoot your environment.

Thank you for the response and answer. That makes perfect sense.

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