Finish Line of Legends and Lava is Broken

I organise the GGCC Race Series and we did a race on Legends and Lava tonight. Something very odd happened at the finish for a lot of the riders in it - it effectively didn’t end at the finish:

  • When they passed through the finish banner at the top of the volcano the distance counter started counting back up and it still showed race positions as if it was still going
  • Lots of riders don’t show up in the Zwift Companion results or on Zwift Power

I’m just trying to see if anyone was recording the event to show what happened, but firstly - is there anyway of finding the finish positions of riders? On ZP I can see the top 10 first over the line for Volvano KOM in the primes tab, but I’d like to see the full list.

Secondly, fix the finish line please…

Hi @Sandy_Thomson

Sorry to hear that your GGCC Race Series event behaved in that unexpected fashion.

Based on your description of what happened, it does sound like the event exhibited some unusual and potentially buggy behavior. So we can take a closer look at this, I’d suggest you send us a support request here if you haven’t already, and one of our tech support agents will be happy to investigate this further.

As for your requests that are specific to Zwift Power, that’s technically a separate issue and one that’ll need some attention from our Zwift Power support team. If you wouldn’t mind submitting a separate support request for that issue, a member of our Zwift Power support team can look into that, and see what can be done about the event results.

Hi Sandy. This is what the primes tab is meant to do. You can see the full list of times on the sprints and KOMs tab instead though.

This happened to us! @James_Zwift took a look for us but couldn’t work out the issue.
James- Want me to raise a support ticket for ours or have you done so already, sounds like it might be a wider issue than our one off event.

@Douglas_Cook Was it the same course too?

Yup. Zwift Power -Login
Check out live tab and you can see over half the field didn’t count as finished.

Thanks @Steven_D, I’ve put in a Zwift support request but will also raise one with ZP.

Thanks also @James_Zwift, the sprints/KOMs only show the times for those segments (and only for those recognised as having finished at that), rather I want to know the finishing order at the top of the Volcano Climb, which would give me the overall race positions.

Crucially the Primes tab gives me positions for all riders, not just those that ‘finished’. I’ve pulled out the top 10 from Cat A below: The first column shows the results from the Primes tab and the second column shows where those riders were listed in the overall results. Normally they should match, but as you can see 80% of the riders are missing from the final results.

ZP Primes Position ZP Results Position Rider Initials
1 AS
2 LG
3 JS
4 1 GC
5 A6
6 AT
7 MS
8 MD
9 2 DR
10 DC

Totally understand. I organise a number of races in my spare time and your feedback is not isolated.

I’ve raised yours internally already. We could do with event logs of this happening - the two (now three) examples I have seen are all on the same route.

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Is there anything we need to do to get these logs?

What platform are you using?

I wasn’t racing (I did enter to spectate), so my logs on a PC probably aren’t much use. I know quite a few of the riders though (both listed and missing from the results) so may be able to get logs from them. I’m not sure what devices they are using

No, that will still be helpful as it won’t matter or not if you were racing.

My logs are stored in /documents/zwift/logs and then if you find the one around the time you did the event, that should help us. I’ll drop you a private message with my email address.

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Hi James, Sandy,

I was in the Cat B race and this happened to me, I go to what I thought was the finish line at the top of the volcano KOM and the race didn’t end. I also didn’t get the route achievement for lava & legends. Interestingly the distance to go bar started counting up in metres and I ended up at the bottom of the volcano approx. 4000m past the finish line in 8th position and then quit the game. At the time I crossed the line I was in 24th behind someone who did get their time registered on ZwiftPower.

I can send my file it that helps?


Let me chase around internally (after chasing around Yorkshire) and see if we need anymore, but thanks for the offer.

Just to update, we have this logged under EC-3399 and it’s assigned to a developer. I’ll try and provide some more updates when I get them.


@Dean_Blower9503 - this is the event you were in and it appears Sandy is the organiser and has flagged the server glitch I speculated about, so keep an eye on this for a fix.

thanks so much for taking the time to help. I’ll be honest i was more disappointed than is reasonable, considering i wasn’t even near the front… …

edit - i and others have strava records if that helps?


Yeah, I get how disappointing it can be, especially after slogging up the Volcano, so I’m sorry that you experienced that. I’ve asked the Zwift Power support team if there is anyway of getting the results corrected but I’m not holding my breath. Chalk that up as a tough training ride and hopefully we’ll see you again in the coming weeks.

I’m told that the issue is due to that course being set to 1 ‘lap’ - my guess is the fact that it isn’t a circular route causes a problem somewhere. For anyone else looking to use this route before it gets fixed I’m told the best thing to do is to set the finish at a custom distance such as 24.5km.


oh definitely. thanks for all your effort putting on rides. when I’m up in glasgow next I’ll look out for the kit!

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