Finish Line of Legends and Lava is Broken

We won’t be able to correct the results I’m afraid. Because Zwiftpower doesn’t know the event finished, it isn’t able to give a finish time.

I think once I get an exact distance for the event I’m going to have to daily correct events using that route to the exact distance until the issue is fixed. You can bet that I will chasing for a speedy fix!


FYI this is 24660m. This should see the events end fractionally after the Volcano Banner (so riders will still see their KOM times on Zwiftpower).

I’ve corrected all the events that are due in the next 7 days and have set myself a daily reminder to check for new ones.

Does the same issue effect Climber’s Gambit?

I haven’t seen anyone have these issues on Climber’s Gambit.

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Do you guys still need ride logs from the ride to investigate? Just catching up on the feed.

I think we’re good but I’ll shout up if needed. Thanks for the offer.

Is this issue sorted? This course is due to be used for ZRL playoffs tonight and it seems there were still issues in a race some of our team did on the course yesterday with riders missing from Zwiftpower but also finishing the event but not showing in results on ZCA.

Here’s offending race ZwiftPower - Login

Sounds like it isn’t fixed yet…

The workaround was to set a custom distance instead of 1 lap and it looks like the ZRL races have a custom distance so should be ok.

Not ideal though

FRR did the flash tour test event a couple weekends ago for ITT for stage 1 and FRR had to use data from strava for stage results as zwiftpower was worthless with many racers were not counted. Hope WTRL has work around or there is going lots of emails coming there way.

Thanks @Sandy_Thomson , hopefully that will work fine for tonight.