Race finish bug on Park Perimeter Rev

Race didn’t finish when we crossed the line. Instead the lap counter went back to 1/4 with the progress bae showing we finished for all riders. Results not showing up on ZP either

Race: KISS Racing - with Pack Dynamics 4 12:00 CET


I think this should be fixed in 1.39 (May)


Any other Routes with this problem we should know?

I know that Beach Island Loop has km to finish Bug like Greatest London Flat.

Legends and Lava, but it’s not possible to select that route.

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Yet another failed race on this route. Counted down to the finish line which looked correct, but then the race did not end. I’m shipping the :trophy: to @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ

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I have to read on the forum that I did not win? (Kudos to @Paul_Southworth for being a master drafter)

I hoped that if I do another lap the race would end. But no it did not.

It was the most fun I had on Zwift in a long time, this finish line bug left a bitter taste.

I would like to speak to the manager. !! :rofl: :rofl:

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Looks like the next race on this route is scheduled for May 13 (Chasing Pink stage 5). No races should be held on this route in its current state.

Cc @jmorin

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He’s on holiday.

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Should be fixed by then.

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Is this fixed yet? Haven’t seen any race results on this course yet and Chasing is heading this way in a few hours!

@James_Zwift ? Didn’t see anything in the 1.39 update notes

Looks like it is fixed. The chasing pink 11:30 CET at least have results