Race didn't finish

I took place in the 8th Jan 8:15 GMT event “Zwift Race: Zwift in the New Year”. My understanding was this was around 58km. Over half way I realised the lap counter hadn’t updated from lap 1/2. Rest of app seemed fine (iOS app)  - KOM/sprint panels and other riders etc. I persevered to over 61km but no race finish in sight - what happened?


I had the same thing happen today.  I’ve submitted a ticket.  I hope they enter me in the competition…

Almost as annoying as when I completed a 100 km ride to enter a competition, and Zwift froze, then wouldn’t connect to the internet, so I was neither entered into the competition, nor did I get the ‘badge’ for doing 100 km.  I really like Zwift, but I wish they would try harder to resolve these bugs.

I am having the same problem on the iOS app: when Racing everything seems fine but no lap update or progress update of the race. When i have ridden the entire lenght of the race nothing happens. No finish line, no classification, just Ride on. Perhaps an iOS app problem? I will try the Windows app this weekend.

Same for me here. Doing a race on the IOS App, everything is fine except the race counter is not updating. No information when the race will end for me.