Race didn't end when crossing finish line - No race results

I participated in the WTRL Team Time Trial on November 7, 6:45pm PST, event id 245484. When I crossed the finish line the race didn’t end. I didn’t see the race recap splash screen. The distance to go counted down to 0 at the finish line but then started counting up beyond the finish line. The riders nearby list continued to show my race standings. After ending the event and saving to Strava, the activity shows up in the Companion app including the full distance and time that I rode, but my name is not included in the race results.

Worst of all, and what I find most frustrating and disappointing, is that my race results did not get picked up by Zwift Power so I get no credit for my effort and my team goes without being scored. I’m on AppleTV so I have no access to my log file.

I had the same issue in the zone 3 WTRL TTT. This needs to get resolved or we run the risk of losing some of the best events on zwift. These races are organized, marketed, and sorted out by 3rd parties who don’t receive a dime for their efforts.


There have been a lot of chatter on social media about this. The WTRL race is probably the only honest race on Zwift, no fliers or people entering the wrong CAT just for a win. It is TTT with you and some friends against the clock, the best motivation to ride at FTP for about an hour.

I hope this is an easy thing for Zwift to fix.


Same problem for me during the 7:40pm est wtrl race on 11/7/2019. Let me know if there’s any data I can provide that would be of any help to resolve this issue.

I too had this issue in zone 4, 7:40pm EST ON 11/07/19. I submitted my .fit file and sent an email earlier and was given your standard answer of, “It’s your internet connection.”