Missing results from zwiftpower and WTRL results!

I need support about the race results ( zwift racing league) , it doesn’t appear on zwiftpower and wtrl results! While it shows ( you’re over the line ) on the companion , after I crossed the line ! I have screenshots from the fal and fts primes and also a livestream to make sure I’ve been there and I crossed the line

I’m not sure if my data is lost from zwift servers
But my activity is still there on the companion and feed

The race ( Zwift Racing League - Open EMEAW Northern 1) cat A
You can check fts and fal primes and you can see my name on the list

There is livestream on twitch by a teammate also I can provide so you can check that I was visible and there the whole time ( also about the rankings and results )

The activity is on my companion and zwift feed and it confirms I finished the race

After I crossed the line , I got this ( you’re over the line , we’re still checking some photo finishes, find your activity later on zwift companion to find final results)
But unfortunately, it says DNF on the companion!
I’ve checked the login file on Zwiftalizer and it showed upd errors

I hope I can make it easier for the support team to check with these screenshots from the zwiftpower results ( fal and fts )
Fal 4th sgurr climb north
Fal 10th sgurr summit south
Fts 4th sgurr climb north
Fts 7th sgurr summit south
And livestream of a fellow teammate
About the finish, I finished 14th according to the livestream

You’ll need to ask your team Captain to send a support query to WTRL to look into this for you.

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I see from your ZwiftPower records (and from your very similar post last week) that this has happened two weeks running.

I notice that your WTRL results from last week have now been updated with your race points and result. As suggested above by Steve I’m sure your Captain will ensure your WTRL result and points are updated and counted again this week.

I’m not sure your ZwiftPower result details will be updated unless you make contact with ZwiftPower Support zwiftpower@zwift.com

ZwiftPower FAQ.


Are you logging into Zwift on two different devices at the same time during these WTRL races? Zwift lists this reason as one of the main causes of such problems.

EDIT: although the DNF problem appears, IMO, to be much more common since the race results screen was introduced. I wonder if @xflintx is able to help?

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Hi Ian,
Thank you for your help :pray:
My team captain contacted the WTRL admins and they didn’t give any helpful or promising solutions.
So they directed me to contact zwift support, which I did
I talked to zwift support embassador, and he couldn’t help , so he forwarded the issue to zwift support team.
The good thing is I still see my name at the fal and fts primes segments on zwiftpower
And I see my avatar visible the whole time on the race livestream
And my activity on the companion says I finished the event ( despite the DNF ) …

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I suspect it’s the same problem mentioned in this thread…

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when it happened to me once in a zrl race (in my case it was a normal internet dropout right as i crossed the finish line, i think) i sent wtrl the strava link, a dual, the .fit file from my activity tab on zwiftpower (check that, most likely there will be something there) and a screenshot of the activity in my activity tab to show that it was in there.

not sure how much of it was necessary but i just gave them whatever i had. they were able to restore the FTS and FAL points i picked up but not the finishing position or points

edit: also, best to contact wtrl yourself in this specific case, not through the team captain. since that info is the kind of stuff you have to provide yourself i think

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That’s so helpful,
Thank you so much :pray:

The DNF issue has one root cause and a visual fix, both of which we’re working on right now and can be expected in pretty near-term ZC/game releases. For the moment, there’s no workaround.


Thank you.

A final answer from the zwift support team
It seems impossible to do anything about it
A final answer from WTRL admins,
If zwift support fix it, we can fix it
It’s also impossible to do anything about it
So ,I just need to suck it up and move forward
Thank you all for your help :pray: