Missing results Zwiftpower WTRL

A number of WTRL races from 14 November are missing data from C category in the results. This affects more than one race between 1830 and 1900 GMT. The B category results are listed and C results show in the unfiltered section but not in final results.

Still no results on ZwiftPower from our C Category ZRL race last night at 18:34 - EMEAE Western C3 :thinking: Although the league table is up to date on the WTRL site.

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@shooj can you help us with this please?

Affecting multiple races from yesterday

All C showing in unfiltered results but not the final confirm result on zwiftpower

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I’ve asked for help. Stand by.

UDPATE - All EMEAE Western races seem to have results updated. Please check again?

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No sorry not fixed.

I think there are 14 races affected in the peak period for my time zone (1800-1930) this includes the race I participated in. That is at least 50% of all races still have a problem.

You can see it easily when you look on the results page on zwiftpower because the screen has a coloured dot per category with a number of finishers inside. The affected races only have a number for a single category (B) . To replicate just go in result in zwiftpower and enter WTRL in the search filter.

This issue is obviously random in nature as scattered through the period are races where it has process correctly.

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Still no up here either! Thanks for looking into it @shooj

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Any update please? Been 48 hours since the race and it’s still broken. Can you confirm the team can see the affected races?


I just went back over results and it’s just one race that incorrect now

Zwift Racing League - Open EMEAE Western 3

Tuesday 18:32
London Loop Reverse 2 Laps

Only B category results showing


Cani have an update please? This is still unsolved.