Missing ZP Results


I raced in the Zwift Classics - Yorkshire Eastern Europe C3 tonight but the results are not showing in ZP. I’ve never had issues in past ZRL seasons. I can see the results in ZCA and the WTRL website.

Seems to be quite a few people missing. Any ideas what’s happened?


I have the same problem. Rode Zwift Classics - Yorkshire Western Europe C3. Seems like the results skipped a bunch of riders. It is showing correctly on Zwift, Strava and the WTRL results page. All my other rides in the past have uploaded to ZwiftPower without issue, no settings or permissions have been changed either. Disappointed it is missing because I emptied myself on that race.

Zwift activity number 858092306042074704

ZPower id 137989



In the Zwift Classics - Western Europe - C4 race it appears that positions 50-100 are excluded from Zwiftpower, in fact the LIVE tab has them sitting just short of the finish line despite them actually finishing. This is also evident by the big time gap between position 50 and 51 within Zwiftpower.

Could someone from Zwift pick this up and confirm they are looking at it please as there’s clearly a bug?


It has been mentioned in this thread as well

For info my Zwiftpower results are still absent from the 18:48 C4.

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Disappointed it is missing because I emptied myself on that race.

Yeah me too!

Hi - I have the same issue (was 80th according to WTRL on the 18:48 Zwift Classics - Western Europe - C4 race) - the data is showing in Strava/Companion App/WTRL but missing from Zwiftpower. Interestingly it has picked up the Yorkshire KOM segment for ZPoints though? Is someone looking into this? Thanks

I saw on FB that WTRL is working on it.

I think you had a little more left in the tank!! Good race.

@Jonathan_Kelly1 @Peter_McMullan - same here, I was in the same race. Don’t race that much and I absolutely burnt every one of my matches! Noticed that it was the riders in positions 51-100 that have not been recognised as finished (we’re still in the LIVE section of the event). I’ve separately sent a message to zwiftpower@zwift.com. Hopefully it’ll be resolved.

Have done the same. Apparently there is “no fix at this time” so will have to wait and see. Was a lot harder than expected, autocat did me no favours!

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