ZP Results not showing for Scotland Stage 1

Hi, new to swift and done a few races, and a tt etc.
I did the Scotland stage 1 (cat D) 10th Feb, but the results are not showing - it’s saying results fort 62 riders not listed.On zwift companion it says I was 60th, (could do better :slight_smile: ) but zwift power only goes up to 53.
The details are on my ZP profile but just not on the results list.
I did three of the Wacky Races a few days before and they are all showing fine, (yes I could do better on those too)
Do I need to change any settings etc. I have clicked on allow public access as far as I can tell.
Any advice to a newbie here would be much appreciated.

Hi there,

You came 34th in ZwiftPower for that stage.

Zwiftpower only shows those who are registered on Zwiftpower so you “won” 26 places :slight_smile:

Thanks James, got it.
so I’m improving already :slight_smile:
Slowly getting to grips with this.


I raced Scotland Stage 2 today with DQ and I don’t know why.
I signed up for C and at end of race was in B.
My profile clearly indicates I’m Cat C.

Can’t see a Zwift Scotland Stage 2 on ZP or your ZCA Activities list but you do have a DQ on Zwiftinsider Worlds which was Scotland map. From the event description …

You are a ZP C but probably a CE B - you can check your profile

Last night I raced all three races of the Zwift insiders Day 1 Zone 3, I am listed individually in the 3x stage results but not in the calculated end results. It looks like a lot of the racers are missing - is there something I need to do to be included in the calculated results. Thanks!

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I’m not seeing ranking points (or even pre-race rankings) for the race I did Sat 3pm 15:00 EST. It looks like races going back to Friday night eastern might all be affected.
Given that you need pre-race ranking to calculate race results, I would imagine that the problem cascades as folks who have missing results in one race sign up and race another.

you were right the results are up there now!

Same steve, been waiting for insider world races to score for 24 hours now. No logic.

And after all the waiting… oooops. It is not average ranking - race quality to determine points per pace. But rather (average ranking - race quality)*2. Sooooooooooo. bummed.