Missing race results Zwift Racing League | WTRL - Men's/Mixed EMEA W1 DIVISION 4 (A) - Xert

I just completed the Zwift Racing League | WTRL - Men’s/Mixed EMEA W1 DIVISION 4 (A) race at Innsbruck KOM after party but my result isn’t showing on the companion app or on Zwift Power. Is there any way to get my result added? The ride uploaded to strava, I have the .fit file.

Any help much appreciated

I found you listed in the Live tab on ZP but in the section that lists “non-finishers” - technically I dont know what the criteria is for making this list, except that it does capture people who literally dont finish the event, as well as in the past I have seen people who have “all riders disappeared” make this section too.

Thanks Dean. Doesn’t make much sense - the race was 37km and I’m listed as having completed 37.1km but DNF. Any idea how I might get the result instated?

Given its a WTRL event, Zwift support may help you, particularly given on the face of it, everything looks normal. But I havent seen any success stories in the past so you may be up against it!

suppoprt@zwift.com - send you log and fit files through at the same time as well as referencing the race. Good luck Gavin.