No record of race

Hi. I completed The Zwift Racing Leage Women’s EMEA W1 Division 4C last night. There is no record of it on ZP and as a result it’s being recorded as did not finish in the race. I have the record of the race in Strava. How can this be rectified to record this event? Many thanks

Is this you Alison?

Its on page 2.

Thanks. Yes that is me. Changed to (ZScot-Munro) for this weeks race.

Sorry not sure what you mean ‘it’s on page 2’ ?

It’s the above one that’s missing - many thanks for any help :crossed_fingers:

Oh sorry, I just looked at the latest WTRL event against your name.

I think this is the one:

This data is found in the “Live” tab. The significance of you being last place with white background is that this normally means you didnt finish the race. We know you did but it says you finished 0 seconds behind the 1st place rideer. From your Strava time in your pic, I dont think you were at the front so something has gone wrong with your data.

Best bet is to drop an email. You wil need to reference the event ID (1644245) your own Zwiftpower ID (1447105) and might even pay to reference this thread, or repeat the info I found as well as link to your Strava eactivity.

Yes it’s that race

I have the fit file

Thanks very much. I will do this. :clap:

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