No race data when finished race

Hi all. Just after some help to try and retrieve some missing race data. I did a crit race yesterday 27/6/2020. Once the race finished, I pressed the big orange “save and exit” button and it seemed to save.

I had a look on Zwift companion and the activity is there with distance, time elevation and calories but no race details. There is a message on top of the screen which says “activity details could not be loaded”.

Is there a way I can get the race details to show up in my activity feed? I also asked a mate who follows me and he mentioned that he wasn’t able to view my results either

I am running zwift on my Windows 10 computer.

Nope. You won’t be able to fix what you see on the companion. If you use zwiftpower you might see your result there otherwise its gone.

Thanks Ben. I’ve only heard about Zwiftpower in the past few days so i’ll sign up or do whatever I need to do to register. I wonder why it wouldn’t record the reace results etc.


Sorry I should have said the absence of data is what happens when something goes wrong on uploading/saving. So if you had a wifi drop out at the exact second that you are saving/uploading then everything is wrecked. It’s very annoying but shouldn’t happen often or at all if you wifi is stable (which is different to fast), zwift also should have programmed it to try again after a failure but they haven’t for some reason.

If you use strava then you can transfer the ride to it unless you are on Apple TV but it will not have your race results. How to Retrieve a Lost or Partial Ride File on Zwift | Zwift Insider