Zwift racing league results issue

I just finished this race ( 6th or 7th)
So after the finish line I got this note ( you’re over the line, we still checking photo finishes , find your results later on the companion app)
On the companion app , it says DNF
And I don’t see my results on the zwiftpower
And on the WTRL , they gave me 32 points !!!
I finished 6th or 7th in Zwift Racing League - Open EMEAW Northern 1( cat A )

My Strava and zwift app are both public and you can see my activities and fit file.
My guess is network issues after the end of the race , but I finished the race with the bunch ! So that DNF wasn’t called for !
And my teammates, other team racers can confirm that I passed them at the finish sprint !
Happy to provide any further inf if needed !

Hi maafa, same thing happened to me in a tiny race on saturday, no internet issues so no idea why. The zp result is probably gone unless zwift have some way of restoring it I don’t know about

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Check the Live data, you will find yourself there at the very end.

I’m going to hazard a daft guess but wondering if some of these DNF are a result of an exact match in finishing time and Zwift can’t identify an exact finishing order? Probably well wrong.

Anyway confirmation you crossed the finishing line:

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