Zwift are serious problem at the end of the race

For the second time my race is not registered after the finish line! Please solve this problem otherwise I do not renew the Zwift subscription.
From the pictures it is possible to see that I completed the race regularly but Zwift excluded me from the ranking.

Best regards.

Daniel Lancia

Zwift Power shows you as a DNF.

Zwift Power is not run by Zwift. You should contact Zwift Power to see why you were marked as DNF.

My result is not present in Zwift see images, the problem is Zwift not Zwiftpower. It is frustrating to participate in a race and then not be present in racking.

One thing I notice on the companion app is that the EVENT COMPLETED flag comes up at the very start of your ride instead of at the end which is when it should come up. When you view your activity on the app you can see how it unfolds on the map and the flag comes up first, then the bike, then the level up and then the new pr.

I don’t know why it’s doing this but the first thing I would check is that your computer time is set correctly. Perhaps daylight saving has set you one hour faster or later than everyone else?

Also, I think you would have a better chance of having this issue fixed if you contacted Zwift support directly rather than posting in the forum. It seems like Zwift doesn’t really solve issues here. And tell them about the event completed flag appearing at the start of the ride, it may help them figure out what is going wrong.

Zwift Power shows you as a DNF.

Zwift does not show you in the rankings probably because it does not think you finished the event which explains the Zwift Power DNF.

The Companion app screenshot shows 17 Jan 2019. When I check the Companion app, I see 18 Jan 2019 which would be correct given my timezone. I also do not see you in the results even though it shows you ‘Finished Event’.

As @Umi_Sonada suggested, I too suggest opening a support ticket with Zwift.

Bad support, I opened a ticket this morning, but no answer! :rage:

You do know it is a holiday in the US today, so you might not get a response from Zwift Support as quickly as you would like.

Thanks Paul, then I wait patiently. :sweat_smile:

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My experience is that it may take multiple attempts to get a response. I made three attempts over a week and got one reply. I’d wait a day or two and try again if you don’t get a response. Also, I would temper your expectations when you do get a reply. The first line of response seems to be to check the web page and work on your setup. In reality it may really be your stuff that suffered a glitch and ended the ride prematurely. In my experience getting them to look into it if it is a problem on their end somehow will take persistence.

Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just some guy that joined these forums because I have problems with Zwift too.

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I’m having the same problems. How can you tell when the race is done? especially in TT events? Distance remaining counter is at zero, but that distance doesn’t match up with the route distance, and a final position is not calculated in the event.

You go through a finish gate if it is a standard distance (x laps of route y), or there is a blue light “curtain” across the road if it is a custom distance.