Missing Results?

Recently completed the
SRAM Send it Series - Race 2 - Men’s
And I am not in the results and down as a DNF.

I was shown in the results on the completion of the race on Zwift BUT then no results are show in the companion app.

It happens a lot, it seems due to network or connectivity issues during the race.

Anyway this is not confirmed by Zwift, and there are lot of people experiencing the same issue without having connectivity problems.

Here is a large thread about it: even if the title is about a may 4th ride Event, I have got my post about the same issue during other events deleted and consolidated in this thread:

On Zwift Power forums you will see similar posts, as well as here, anyway no feedback afaik from Zwift.

For me, if a solution is not possible, the best workaround would be an “early warning”: it would be nice to know as soon as possible, possibly while doing the event itself, if issues will prevent the event itself to be recognized, so to decide if to go on or stop.

I have opened a support ticket few days ago without answer yet.

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Thanks Marco!

100% agree, I get internet and connectivity issues happen at no fault to zwift but an early warning saying your not connected etc would be great. Wouldn’t have been so upset if I had known it was having connectivity issues if I didn’t bust my gut out over the last 3kms and sprint to the finish away from my group for a DNF haha.

Appreciate the reply mate! thank you.

Thanks Marco also. I got this problem in yesterday’s race. Already 2021. Feb.

I could see my nickname in race finished pop-up result screen, so zwift definitely counted me in. But without result in companion app’s final result, not in ZwiftPower result either, strava succeed logged this riding activity (zwift event)…

It rarely happens, but it exists.