Missing from the race results

I completed the Team Italy Gladiators Race (B) today (23 Dec, 17:40) in a time of about 50 mins, but I don’t appear on the race results in the Companion app. The ride is shown under my list of activities, but with a time of over an hour and a distance greater than the actual race (looks like it has included my warmup and post race cool down in the total time). Any ideas why this is?..I definitely entered the correct category and was wearing an HRM, so cant see why I’d be disqualified and I’ve not had this problem before and don’t think I’ve done anything differently this time.



Either you are using an old game client or more likely to had a connection issue.

Drop your log file in here:- https://zwiftalizer.com/

Thanks; a network error as I finished the race?..……anything I can do to stop it happening again?

It may have been a client side network error near the end of the race but it happens so often it may be a fault at zwift’s end.

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