Missing from the race results

I completed the Team Italy Gladiators Race (B) today (23 Dec, 17:40) in a time of about 50 mins, but I don’t appear on the race results in the Companion app. The ride is shown under my list of activities, but with a time of over an hour and a distance greater than the actual race (looks like it has included my warmup and post race cool down in the total time). Any ideas why this is?..I definitely entered the correct category and was wearing an HRM, so cant see why I’d be disqualified and I’ve not had this problem before and don’t think I’ve done anything differently this time.



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Either you are using an old game client or more likely to had a connection issue.

Drop your log file in here:- https://zwiftalizer.com/

Thanks; a network error as I finished the race?..……anything I can do to stop it happening again?

It may have been a client side network error near the end of the race but it happens so often it may be a fault at zwift’s end.

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yesterday(2021.2.19) I stuck in this problem. My nickname showed in race finished pop-up result screen(so zwift event count me in definitely), but not in companion app result list, not in zwiftpower event result either. Strava successfully synchronized this riding activity.

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so forums nothing could do about it & nobuddy figure out so far?.. let me try to email zwift .

or try opening a new thread as this one is over a year old since last post . A lot of changes have happened in that time with zwiftpower for sure .

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same for me

Ths for reply Graham,
online contacted zwift ondesk service. It seems player couldn’t do anything about this problem. base zw’s answer, still due to connection and .fit file upload problem.

Hi Sarrila,

Thanks for reaching out to us today.

You have reached out to a Zwift Ambassador we are like a filter or triage group of avid Zwifters to try and help out riders and runners with simple questions and fixes to use or access Zwift. We’re a small group of experienced Zwifters, and not Zwift employees. We do not have access to personal data or account information. Any setting up, technical or account questions we cannot answer through the knowledge bank or personal experience we will refer you to Zwift Tech Team or Customer Services.

You’ll typically see a partial ride if you get disconnected from the Internet during a ride or crash, as Zwift can’t upload your .fit file in either of these cases. Check out our article for more information:

Your Activity History and .fit Files

While I’d like to credit your account for the missing progress, I won’t be able to do so due to technical limitations. I understand that this isn’t what you were hoping to hear, but you can still upload your ride or run to any third-party fitness site (e.g., Strava) if you’d like. The .fit files that contain your ride and run information—save to your local device every 10 minutes. Information on how to find these files is available in this article:

My Activity Didn't Upload)

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns; we’re happy to help in any way we can.

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downloaded & checked zwift.com side race .fit file. its data seems complete and nothing wrong

jst contacted zw online desk services, pls refer to upstairs

“pls refer to upstairs” what does this mean ?

it’s a internet wording in my motherland. Our forums all replys have abstract concept of “floor num”. and my English is lame…