Chasing cancellara itt results

I did the itt in 26min43sec…but i don’t find myself in the results.
Race is registered as activity , but not as race

Event ID please ?

It was a 7.30pm European Brussel time

Where do i find this id?

Thx, specific timezone helped find it - FYI, the ID is found in the URL like below

I cant see you either. Does the event show properly on Companion App for you?

Normally if you had a network issue and didnt appear, you would show up in non-finishers area of Live results, but you arent there either.

In my compagnon app you see the race i did but also not in the results. The activitytime in compagnon is also wrong, i started in the tdz race 1 at 8pm’ :man_shrugging:

Similar problem here: Rode the 630am PST event #1716933 this morning and I’m one of two people in the top 105 (I’m 105) who haven’t had the data fields populated. I will be pretty disappointed if the data is lost as I pretty much left it all out there on the virtual course and wanted to see how the power went down. This’ll be the third time it’s happened this year.

The TdZ results are okey, they are in my resultsboard

It is sucks, i had a good avg power output, 304w for 70kg…thats on this moment of the year the maximum for me… I hope they can fix it

OK, if you arent in your results on Companion App then you definitely had a glitch, and its most likely a network error of some description that caused it. Zwift wont normally do anything about it but you can normally grab your fit file and put it into Strava if its not there already - at least you will have data figures there.

I’ve seen your related posts Mark. Very frustrating. Have you ever popped your log files on to to see if you are getting network errors?

Luckely i got it in Strava :+1:
Is it possible to share this data the opposite way? So they can put it in the results on zp

Not that I have seen. ZP only pulls it from Zwift.

You can add it to your /Profile/Activities list in ZP (if its not already listed there) but its not listed/treated as an event as such.

EDIT: just looking at the options in Activities - you may not be able to upload an individual activity. The Update button appears to pull from Zwift. Worth a try.

After every ride. I even save the screenshots. I’m on a wired 1gb LAN through 1gb fiber internet. It’s pretty close to as good as it gets in a residential system. The problem isn’t getting the data to Zwift, it’s Zwift getting it from their database to the Zwiftpower database. In the other two instances, the event never went blue and stayed green. This time, it’s no data other than my time in the TT, average power, and HR data. No 20, 5, 1,15sec fields are filled. Very disappointing.

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And it turns out the other guy with no data has no data. Looks like he’s riding a wind trainer with speed sensor. None of his previous events have any data fields filled. Weird.

Oh yeah, and what about three of the top ten have no HR data? These guys are putting down serious power and don’t ride with an HRM belt? I would think if you’re an A+ or A rider, you’d have dual power metrics and HR data and all that. Don’t they disqualify riders without HR data?

That is just a shambles isnt it!

Some events do, up to event organisers. Zwift organised events seem to be most lax, customers pay $'s.

This is the important part for me… So with al the “no hr” riders in the results, i would be finished 9th, so in my head, i’m satisfied with the results