Tour for All crediting issue for riding events (May 4th)

Thank you! I’ll Do it again this afternoon, just to be sure😄

Should my Stage 1 ride (which credited correctly) on a TT also count towards the TT requirement for the Ceramic Speed Misison (it didn’t)?

Mine has been correctes! Thank you!

Fixed now: Thank You

Thank you

Happened quite the same to me on race 3 yesterday… race appears in Companion, feed and Strava, but no badge nor rank.

I had some connectivity issues, anyway I assume an activity it either doesn’t show up at all or, if it shows up everywhere, should be valid ?

I opened a support ticket and posted in racing forum here TFA Stage 3 completed, I get the activity but no ranking nor badge

Hi all
First time in the forum
I recently rode stage 3 of the tour for all
I completed it but the tick on my home screen isn’t there
Anyone else have the same problem

Same here after Race 3: activity is listed in Companion, feed and Strava and I have got Zwift mail, but no badge nor rank: reported through support as well as in Racing forum:

I had some connectivity issues during the race, but I wonder why the activity shows everywhere and the only thing missing is rank and badge… I assume it is either not recorded or if it appears everywhere (Including prompting the “thank you for racing” mail from Zwift… should be valid ?

Did TFA stage 3 yesterday, the activity shows up in Companion, feed and Strava, but I have got no ranks nor badge.

I had some connectivity issues, but I assume if there are problems, the activity shouldn’t show up at all… instead here I see it everywhere, it only lacks rank and completion badge.

Ah I also got Zwift “thank you for completing stage 3 of TFA” mail…


Hey Marco… Marco here.

I have got a similar issue after completing Stage 3 TFA race.

It shows up in Companion, feed, Strava and I even got the Zwift mail confirming and thanking me to completing stage 3.

Anyway I am not in the ranking and I didn’t got the “badge” for this stage in the TFA board…

I had some connectivity issues during the race, but no problems saving it as it shows up everywhere (but no rank/badge as said).

What was your problem as it seems similar to mine ?

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Something similar happening to me here, did the stage 3 race yesterday. No badge nor rank.

Activity shows in Companion and feed and Strava.


I even got the Zwift mail “thank you for completing Stage 3”.

Anyway not badge/completion tick and no rank.

I have an iPad and during this race I had some connectivity issues, but I assume if it was not a valid race, it wouldn’t show everywhere as completed…

I could save it without problems tough, with no crashes…

Sent a support mail, lets see…

Hi @Marco_Massara

Let’s keep it to one thread to get better help.

Thanks: please note my issue was about yesterday stage 3 TFA RACE tough, not may 4th riding.

I had finished Stage 3 Short ride on May 13th (9:01am EST start) and then screen dsiplayed stage complete message and congratulations on updated FTP. When I went to save the ride, the screen froze. I opened Zwift companion and it does not note that I completed the stage. The ride is marked some two miles short and when I look at the activity it says it can get partial data and doesn’t mark it as a Tour for All ride. I would like to credit for this ride. Please help. I am on a Mac OS 10.14.4.

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Goodnight. today I participated in the tour for everyone but my registration was not included in the zwift companion. What should I do or is there a solution from you, thanks

This is minor… still: “Tour for All 2020: Stage 4 Shorter Ride with Georgia Simmerling” Completed. Badge awarded.

No confirmation mail after more than 8 hours (but I did get confirmation mail for stage 3…)

(system fully updated, no connectivity issues, switch off all my WiFi, etc.)

Good morning, in the images that I send, the badge that I participated in yesterday does not appear in zwift companion in the tour for all event, another example is that strava is registered, please what can be done to continue with him? tour normally, I remain attentive to your comments, thanks

Hello, first time posting.
Unfortunately the same thing has happened to me. I completed the stage 4 group ride. It saved and successfully uploaded at the time - And remains on Strava as the stage 4 group ride. However I have since loaded up the app and my credit for the ride has gone and the activity name has been changed to the date rather than it being recognised as stage 4?

Any suggestions as to how I can resolve this? Or will Zwift need to give the credit on my account?
I’m gutted at it was my first time climbing the Alp Du Zwift. Screenshots attached.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Sorry this happened to you as well.
If you haven’t, you should email Zwift support with your issue and proof screenshots. A word of warning though, they are very slow to respond right now. I emailed them about the same no credit issue on Stage 3 two weeks ago and still haven’t received a reply. Fingers crossed someone will get to it eventually. On the positive side, you know you made up to the top even without the tour credit!:grinning:

still not fixed