My Tour 4 All Stage 5 Zwift ride won't display

Zwift, can you help fix my ride? It uploaded but looks broken?

It looked like it completed, but hasn’t registered as my Stage 5 ride, won’t sync to Strava or Xert, and it won’t load (the details) in Zwift Companion or the web site. [EDIT:] Hmm. In Companion the activity feed shows 48.9km but I screenshot the final screen and it was 55.1km. [EDIT:] Even ZwiftPower can see that I completed Stage 5! C’mon Zwift!!!

Zwift, similar issue to above - showing as 54 minutes in Zwift Companion and 40 mins online and the total ride was 60mins and won’t upload to Strava or appear as an event.
Can you help?

Same here!

the same situation here

Same here. I opened a ticket with the support.

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Have done the same and attached the complete and correct FIT file - hopefully they can swap it in.

Same here, but only shows 55 from 72 kms…

Slightly different issue but I rode the 5th stage of the tour yesterday at 20.10. It shows in my activities on Companion and in Strava but myself and none of the people in my group appear in the results and Zwift has not acknowledged my ride in the log of stages completed. There are only 23 people in the results and over 80 rode.

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Had the same happening on stage 3 race, and lot of people experienced similar issues in other phases:

Or other events:

I have opened a support ticket to Zwift about one week ago without answer yet.

For the moment, I have stopped doing events.

Same issue for me last night. Took part in TfA Stage 5 Race (20:10 GMT 20 May 2020 - Cat A Keith Hill After Party) and after finishing race in the middle of the pack of 65 whilst the activity shows in my Zwift activity feed, I don’t appear in the results table (in fact only 2 of the 65 do) and data hasn’t gone through to ZwiftPower. Have raised a support ticket but in the meantime looks like I’m going to have to do another Stage 5 to get my TfA credit…

Similar issue here. Looks broken. Did not upload to zwifttpower, nor Strava. Showed as “in progress” for a long time on the companion app. Lacks the last 8 km or so, and does not show me over the finish line, I.e. no finishing badge …
(Group A ride, at 21:00 CET, 20. May)

Just to add to the list, did Stage 5 Group Ride(ZZRC’s Choice) at 06.02 this morning, and while it is in my companion app and uploaded to Strava ok, it’s not displaying as complete, and not displaying on Zwiftpower.

Actually zwiftpower only seems to have one of the route options listed.

Tomorrow will mark 1 week since I have opened a support ticket.

Heard that usually they reply in 8-10 days… so let’s see which will be the answer there, as here in the forum I couldn’t find any feedback from Zwift.

On Zwift Power forum (where several users complained about the same issue) they say it’s about connectivity, which sounds weird because lot of users didn’t noticed network issues, and anyway in most of the cases, the activity is logged in companion and Strava etc, it is just not logged as a race…

Let’s see if we get some final answers from Zwift: if I will get it, I will let you know…

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Same here. Stage 5 lost the last 10 minutes + beyond

Same issue for me. Stage 5 TFA, group A, Keith hill after party @ 19:10 GMT on may 20th. But, my zwift ride and Strava both completed normally. It hasn’t been updated in zwift power. I too am resolved to having another go at a stage5. Fingers crossed for a fix / resolution. Bummer because that was a tough effort!

Hello, I have the same problem. I started event yesterday 20/05/2020 at 21:10 (9:10PM). Identical situation in the results list, only 23 position from 62 starting players…
Zwift also has not acknowledged my ride in the log of stages completed.

Good luck ! I stopped pursuing the TFA after my issues, but I admire your determination, and hope Zwift will not let you down again!

I was in the same race Kevan and I had the same issue. I rode for about 40km but only showing as 31 and not showing results. Zwift hasn’t registered that I finished the series either. I completed all stages but it’s saying I haven’t done stage 5. Gutted as I don’t want to have to race that one again.