Tour for All crediting issue for riding events (May 4th)

Hi everyone,

We are getting reports (and have confirmed) that users who ride a Tour for All ride are not getting proper credit for the ride (it appears to be crediting the Tour for All Running program in error).

We are working on fixing this issue ASAP.

hopefully you’ll find a fix for r Tour for all rides not showing as being done in home screen also.
Did stage one this am with the Hannah Barnes ride and despite finishing it and getting a banner telling me its not showing in progress.



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Hi @Dave_Hart, I took at a look on the back end and for some reason, your ride this morning is being counted towards the Tour for All Running program. Very odd for sure, I’m having the team take a look today.

@Wes thanks very much. :+1:

@Wes I am in the same situation: ride (1st one A) registered as run instead of a ride.
My son rode the following session (2h later: 2nd ride A) and is also in same situation.

I did stage 1 of the Tour For All this morning and its not saying that I completed it

Same here. Finished the first group ride, didn’t get a banner at the end. I got an email notification, but it counted as a run and not as a ride.

Mine just didn’t register at all in the progress tracker

Hi @Wes, my Tour for All race ride (at 0510 UTC) is also being shown as a run in the iOS companion app. I’m running Zwift on Mac, with ANT dongle to connect everything. Thanks in advance for anything you can do to assist.

Hey, me too! My 6:00am PDT ride is showing as a run on ZCA.

Hi all, hi Wes, thanks for what you do. Updated companion. My stage 1 ride 13:00 this afternoon is also showing as a run in companion TFA-banner. Thanks for looking into / adjusting please,

Showing up for me as completing a run as well.

Same issue for me. Run not ride. Did the 1730
BST shorter ride.

Hi @Wes. Another ride credited as a run instead. Just completed the 10:30 PDT Stage 1 Ride in A group. My Companion App was updated prior to the ride.

Hi Wes, will everyone that was credited with a run rather than a ride have they’re ride readjusted?
My ride at 11.00 this morning was credited as a run!!

I did receive the email that I completed stage 1, but on the Zwift home screen in de events window the stage is NOT selected as done; all stage icons are still blue.

That’s great to hear, I’ve got same issue credited to the running program rather than cycling, also showing this in the latest update of the companion app.

Just a hunch, but I’m betting you’ll all have to do it again. When I’ve had similar issues they couldn’t award or amend retrospectively. Unless support were being slightly disingenuous of course :thinking:

Same as everybody else, credit for run and not checked off in ride screen. Good news I got credit for ride distance and elevation for all times totals and most importantly the ride was fun!

Same here.

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