Zwift Companion Release: May 4 (3.14 iOS, Android)

Noticed that since the update today I’m no longer able to edit the name of an activity in app (android) after completion. The edit activity button is gone…cant make it private or viewable to all or followers :angry:
Anyone else?

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Still works for me (iOS).

Any idea why the companion app would be telling me that I’ve completed Stage 1 as a run? It was definitely a ride. I don’t do running! Any suggestions on how to fix this and keep my OCD at bay? Cheers, A

Any reason why companion say I completed stage 1 of the Tour for All running? I did it riding

I can no longer see an option to delete an activity, or am I just not looking hard enough??


Where is it you are no longer seeing this option?

There’s no option to delete an activity in the companion app or my Zwift.

Hmmm. Interesting. I wonder if this is because deleting an activity would affect your overall recorded miles on Zwift? At least they left the option to make the activity Private. Maybe that is the best option for now. Being able to delete an activity would be good for some folks, though. At least it appears you can still choose to delete your activity at the end, before actually saving it, though

Me too, team at Zwift, please, return that option!!!

We’ve released a quick patch (3.14.2) for Android that should fix the issue of not being able to edit your activities.

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Thanks @Wes. Just downloaded it…works fine.

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Hi, Can we end meet up before the end time we set up when we created it?
Want to do a workout inside the meetup then we want to start free riding right before the loop Start/Finish Arch so we can have a little race


I also have no edit symbol in Activity title on latest-3.14 release-Android phone. I did submit a question to Zwift on this. On my wife’s Android phone, ver 3.13, she still has the edit symbol. Since I often revise Activity titles, I really want this ability back.

Thanks for quick response @Wes, works for me.

This has happened to me on all 3 races I’ve done since the update. App shuts down and restarts. All other rides are fine, it’s only on races

Both of my last 2 rides using companion to transmit my sensors via bluetooth have resulted in the connection dropping, it’s getting rediculous.

I noticed that if I’m looking at someone’s following/follower list and tap on someone then back to the list, the person I tapped on disappears from the list. Is this by design?

Since the update the Companion is not syncing with Zwift while I am riding. It shows me as active but will not bringing up the mapping and interaction page thereby denying all Companion functionality.


I have the same problem; the Companion app doesn’t show the Game mode anymore and none of the solutions of the Support section (devices on same network, same login, using Airplane mode with WiFi, and update the app) help to solve the issue.