Tour for All crediting issue for riding events (May 4th)

Mine’s been credited as a run too.

We are working on a fix internally to credit the rides that were incorrectly credited as runs so far today. I’ll know more later today about progress. :ride_on:


If not we will just ride it again, maybe Im faster the second time.

I think I will ride it tomorrow again in anyway.

It will probably get counted as a run again. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the update Wes, I too have this bug from Stage 1 (4 May, 7pm BST), but by the sounds of it you’ve got enough data and identified the problem anyway.

Looks like my whole race isnt on the race list and we have been credited as a run not a bike race, my whole team doen the event too. we rode the 18.10 BST race

Same issue for me. My Tour-For-All Group Ride (4th May 19:00 BST) is credited as a Run in the companion app and on the Zwift log in page. Thanks.

Thanks for your update. Just want to check… we don’t need to ride for the stage 1 again right?

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On Zwift Power the league has been updated with all correct results now, however on Zwift i am still only credited with completing TFA run when it should have said completed bike. It states that i havent done the bike race, will this be adjusted?

My yesterday TfA ride at 18:30 CET is not credited, neither like bike or run in the program, I will give it a try this eve again :slight_smile:

Yep I completed stage 1 last night as a bike event and it’s showing as a running event in the status in companion🤔

No They fixed it, my ride this morning counted as a ride.


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Good to hear. However, I’m still dying to hear how this seemingly obvious error managed to escape testing!

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Same here. A ride being reflected as a run. Went to to check and it doesn’t show a completed ride but a completed run too.

I am seeing my ride yesterday being credited as a run as well on the companion app. On the zwift app on the iPad I am not seeing any credit for completing stage 1.



@Wes I am in the similar situation. Did the 7.10pm B race. Shows in my activities as a ride with race results but no credit on the TFA Banner on Companion app, or Zwift itself.

Same here! My ride from noon yesterday still shows as a run!

Good morning everyone, we’re hoping to have retroactive credit in place for the events incorrectly tabulated yesterday.

You do not need to re-ride Stage 1 for credit unless you wish to ride it a second time for fun. :ride_on:


Some Think is wrong, i havent run on Zwift. But on the Companion app, Tour of All, stages 1 Run is don :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yes, that has happened to me too. Run is ticked instead of ride