No show!

Did the BMTR short adventure © at 8:10am est and it doesn’t show that I finished, even though I did. It shows the info in the companion app and my strava account but there’s no mention of me in the results on even on ZP. I’ve been a member for 5+ years and everything is connected to ZP and all that…

Check the Live list (you are there) - huge list of riders that havent made it into the results.

I suspect Zwiftpower had a bit of a miss and that ride needs a reset. Get to check it out.

It also doesn’t show me in the companion app either…

Normally if you dont show in the Companion App, its a symptom of a network issue but events only have a very low % of people that are impacted (say <1%).

But I’m suspicious that so many of you (25%) dont have a result in ZP (appear to show as finished in Live view). I wonder if that same 25% dont have Companion App activities (or at least corrupted ones) as well.