Results for race not showing

Hello. I just took part in the 12:00 (UK time) Monday’s Mountain Massif TT (Watopia Mountain 8). I bust a gut (for me !) and it is registered on Strava and I crossed the finish line but I almost immediately saw my name drop off the leaderboard. Any reason why ? I am using a smart direct drive trainer and wearing a HRM.

Thanks !

It looks like you lost internet connection just before the finish.


Hi @Simon_R welcome to the forums!

I can’t find you in the companion app, can you share the activity or your full name in Zwift so we can look you up? I see the race on zwiftpower, but you aren’t listed.

Never mind, Dejan found you

Do you have your rides set as private? Looks like most of your results are still only pulling live data (green lightning bolt), not from the fit file (blue lightning bolt) which would indicate you are set as private.

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Lost internet connection - you’re kidding - oh no ! Thanks for explaining, guess I need to do it again…

I have set Strava so Activities and Group Activities are for Everyone. Could not see a similar setting in Zwift on the web interface ?


It will be in the game when you are ending and saving a ride, make sure it is not set to “Private”

Ok, good advice. Is there any way to supply the FIT file that Zwift is allowing me to download (made it public too) to rectify. I would have got bronze…

No, you can’t upload fit files to Zwift, if you lost connection during the save process then that ride is forever gone unfortunately.

OK (sad face) thanks. Will the the sad fury to make more watts next time !

it’s happened to me before, a small internet dropout right as i crossed the line (like 3 seconds, if that) caused it… nothing can be done. you can still get the .fit file from your zwiftpower activities tab if you want to upload it to a training app though.