DNF in Group Ride

Hi. I completed a group ride and finished with leader. He gets 26/80 and I get DNF. What is that mean?

Is this for this event?
It appears you’re listed as 10th (but meaningless since it was a timed event), and you were the Leader?

ht tps://zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=3884601

No John. I wasn’t the leader. Alberto who came 21 was the leader. I was the backup.


It happened again

Not a group ride but i saw this tor a rider in a race the other day. DNF where his time is exactly the same as another rider.

Maybe this is the default for a Group Ride, that is time-based (everyone is same time) so there’s no “result” really, that also was setup for “Show Race Results” (per Zwifthacks filters)?

You might notice that, on the race results screenshot you have provided above, there is no 26 position. If you also look at the final ZCA Race Results you will notice places 7, 9, 11, 13, 17 and 27 ( you I suspect) are missing from the final ZCA results.

If you look at the ZCA activity screenshots of the rider who came 27th on the race results screenshot above you will notice that you appear on their Result screenshot (25th) and also in their Race Results list (26).

IMO there are, in total, 6 riders who finished and have been awarded a DNF but I can not immediately see a common factor which might explain why.

I think to get an answer you may well need to go through to Zwift Support unless you are lucky enough to find a member of the Zwift team who sees this on the forum and takes an interest in the reasons why.

I’m not sure how the forum Moderators work and whether they report/feedback such issues to a Zwift team?

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Same thing happened to me on Saturday during stage 4 of race watopia. My time and the 4th place riders time was exactly the same down to the 1000th of a sec.

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I believe it is spreading to other riders now…

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Is there a way to persuade Zwift engineers to have a look at this “DNF” in comp app?
I have submitted an official support case, but I feel like I have been put into squirrel wheel.


Same thing happened to me. I finished the ride, but am listed as DNF. I am wondering it this could happen if I join a race???

Yes it’s been reported in this thread

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I have had the same issue for a ride I lead (I list as DNF on CA) for the past four weeks at least. I do show up correctly in ZP.

Another DNF. I saw someone else listed as 30th, along with me. Please tell Developer’s that might be the cause of the issue. People finishing with the exact same time, one get’s shelled.

Has there been any solutions to this problem, I had the same happen to me today, received DNF and also my place is displayed in blue screen at end of road but doesn’t show up on the final results leaderboard.

EDIT: to amend original post with correct link. Thanks John

That links seems is about the results board not timing out and disappearing on its own. This is about DNFs for riders who did in fact finish. It doesn’t look like Zwift has acknowledged this particular issue yet.

Thanks John, I have corrected. I forgot Flint had given us two recent soon to be introduced fixes !