Without my result in race

I crossed the line in the race, but there were no result for me, no race record in zwiftpower.com either. It took a while for the result table to pop up.

I crossed the line alone, no other riders at the sprint, internet connection is normal (online player list shows normal)

Is this a bug in Zwift?

2022.3.4 ZCRC lady’s night race

If there was not other riders then you had a internet issue.

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I don’t think i became standalone, if it dropped the right online user list status would change

anyway ths for ur reply Gerrie!

I think she is saying she finished by herself…over a minute down on from the previous rider and over 3 minutes ahead of the next rider. Not saying she didn’t have internet issues but I can barely see someone 10 seconds away unless up a steep hill.


Hi Sarrila @YOLO

I’m with the Zwift tech support team, and I had a look at your account to see if I can figure out what happened.

My internal tools show where you started this Event, but there’s nothing in the logs to indicate that the event was finished. I’m not disputing that you crossed the finish line and I’m sure you did, however, when we see this in the logs, it’s typically indicative of an internet connection issue which likely resulted in you being disconnected from the event and therefore not listed in the results.

Since technical limitations prevent manual upload of .fit files to ZwiftPower, that’s likely why you’re not appearing in the results there either.

For future reference, the best advice I can offer in this instance and as a preventive measure, is for you to have a look at our related troubleshooting article. Sometimes simple things like restarting your router or router/modem combo before a big event can help to stabilize your internet connection.


i c~
Zwift didn’t think I finished the race because of internet problems

ThankQ~ 嬷嬷哒~❤️

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